Who was ann hathaway dating

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“We have been looking for ways to work with Annie since launching STX, and when she came to us with this idea, we knew right away that we wanted to make this movie with her,” STXfilms chairman Adam Fogelson said in a statement about the project.“This is a modern-day look at love, dating and hookups with a very contemporary and authentic voice that speaks to a generation that casually swipes right to find a mate.Follieri admitted owing more than .6 million to those he ripped off.

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Follieri pleaded guilty to cheating investors by falsely claiming he had Vatican connections that enabled him to buy church property at a discount.She has also studied in American Academy of Dramatic Arts.Anne started her acting career from television where she was featured in series Get Real, she was debuted in 1999 and until 2000 she appeared in 22 episodes of the series.Anne Hathaway is said to be producing and starring in a new romantic comedy that will look at the role of the internet in today’s dating scene.The actress, who previously starred in films such as Les Miserables and The Devil Wears Prada, came up with the idea behind the film.

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