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Wiccans, Druids, Shamans, Asatruars, Eclectic Pagans, ect.. Perhaps you are not a pagan at all, but are simply curious or searching.

Here you can speak with people of various paths who can answer your questions.

All are welcome, but we do ask that you are respectful of others beliefs..other words no bashing. To be pagan is to understand that there are many paths to the Divine. Watertown being somewhat sheltered from the rest of the world, doesn't exactly encourage "diversity', hence we have many solitary practioners, herbal healers, and so on who have gone it alone, not knowing how to meet other pagans. You will find a forum here for your ideas and questions, or you can join the actual group for Northern NY Pagans (a different type of forum), a chat room to meet and talk with other pagans, and more.

This site is for any and all branches of the pagan path.

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