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Bill quizzed all his friends, co workers, clients and anyone he happened to bump into, as to what would be a good anniversary present. Not willing to trust himself to pick out the right flowers, Bill called up a local flower shop with strict instructions to deliver the biggest most beautiful bouquet of flowers first thing in the morning with the following note “Happy Anniversary Year Number Two! “Martha”, said Rosie to her best friend, “it was terrible what happened yesterday after the birthday party.

” The morning of the Anniversary Bill made sure Suzy would be the one to answer the door as he waited anxiously in the other room. ” Hollered Suzie angrily holding up his well thought out note, “Happy Anniversary You’re Number Two! But there was one thing that drove Mary absolutely crazy, and that was no matter how many times she told Dave how important it was to her that he come on time for dinner, he never did. You know how half of the birthday cake was left over? ” “He never found it”, responded Rosie with a full double chin smile, “I just baked another cake and ate half of it!

readers digest love dating humor-4

readers digest love dating humor-4

Literary agent Becky Le Jeune of the Bond Literary Agency is open to queries!This issue includes: Reader's Digest August 1985 A Race for Life; Struck by Lightning; Alec's Song'; Love's Healing Miracle; The Dating Game; A Bulldog named Petunia; Courage to be Free; What 100,000 Women Told Ann Landers; The Good Steward; What's Next for Jeane Kirkpatrick; Heroes for Today; The Truth about Cocaine; At Helsinki: Shadows of Yalta; Water - The Fountain of Life; The Most Gifts Man Who Ever Lived; Marvelous, Magnificent Manatees; and more. This magazine is as entertaining today as it was when it was first printed.Vintage magazine in good condition, see photo(s) actual book, additional photos contain back cover, table of contents or index or sample page, free delivery confirmation, track delivery online. (mag/rd) Purchase and give back - Ten percent (10%) of this sale will go to a designated monthly nonprofit organization. See our entire catalog on through Etsy, Paypal or certified checks. All orders are shipped within the same day to 2 days and with delivery confirmation so you can track delivery on-line.Click on the Senior Citizen Humor link for senior citizen merriment, humor, jokes, and fun! Getting older can be funny, as these old age jokes prove.” Short jokes about aging. Geriatrics and Baby Boomer Humor, part of the Humor Etc. A twice weekly cartoon (scroll down) and some jokes to click on. This page of the site has retirement-related jokes and humor.

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