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Single is a very interesting online dating site that can give you the ability to find true love online.In fact, even if you’re only looking for a good time without too much attachment, once again Single is the place to be. He sent me a few emails wanting to get to know me better and I wrote him back a couple of times.He said he passed out from shock and awoke in a hospital.I received a phone call from somebody I had never spoken to in my life.

But like most Broadway musical theatre, the story is secondary.

By the time he got out of the hospital, his visa had expired. It wasn’t terrorist or drug money – it was for the work he did over there – and he needed the necessary paperwork to validate the money. All in all, I’ve probably sent him close to ,000. I started questioning him probably about a month ago because there were just too many excuses for why he wasn’t getting here.

His first request for money was to bail him out of jail. While waiting for that to be sorted out, he supposedly got sick with malaria and some other things and had to be hospitalized. He was supposed to be here on such and such a date.

This is a great story, a strong plot with hilarious characters – one of the better stories you’ll find – but still, the song and dance is the main point.

OPW -- Nov 18 -- It's easy to write off scammer victims as being a screw loose. He then wanted to chat on Yahoo, so we started doing that.

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