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Cruising is one of the best bargains around and boomers know it. On recent cruises people are talking about their cruise to South America and saying you really should do it while it is a new destination.Recommended: 15 day Hawaiian cruise from LA, Baltic Sea curise from Copenhagen, Denmark, and of coarse the best cruise you will ever take, the cruise to Alaska. I met recently with AARP Travel and they have some of the best discounts on top cruise lines.Boomers Next – full of valuable content for all the baby boomers.It has articles related to employment, choosing a second career, and whether age plays a role on whether you should start a new career.Then on the lower part of this page are US Employment statistics for national, state, county and top 50 US cities that you may find interesting.Before you can get a job, you must be looking for one in the places where people are posting jobs. and abroad by keyword, location, and the type of position.A great site to book all cruises is Vacations to Go.Use their web site to find a cruise then give them a call to discuss/book.

The meaning of the term "childfree" extends to encompass the children of others (in addition to one’s own children) and this distinguishes it further from the more usual term "childless", which is traditionally used to express the idea of having no children, whether by choice or by circumstance.Listed below are some of the best web sites for Baby Boomers to find jobs, even your retirement job.Then down in the middle of this page you may use our job search to find jobs in all locations and job categories.This site has lots of valuable information for people who want to “reboot” their life and start fresh.It also has stories of people who’ve done this very thing who came from all different backgrounds.

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