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Any less than three, he may become suspicious, and wonder what you really look like today.

Like the Ab Shot for men, the Cleavage Shot is very successful, drawing 12.9 new contacts per month, or 49 percent more than average, Sam shares.

Photos with tattoos and eyeglasses were among the lowest rated for women and hat wearers were among the lowest rated photos for men.

While online daters think their photos are relatively accurate, independent judges rated one third of online dating photos as inaccurate, according to research carried out by Catalina Toma, assistant professor in the Department of Communication Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Make sure each photo in your profile offers something different, unique, flattering, and interesting to your profile vs the previous photos.

Viewers do not need to see 3 photos from your epic tropical beach vacation; they do not need to see 4 head shots from the same angle and they certainly do not need to see multiple distorted selfies of you in your car, gym, desk etc. one outdoor active photo, one closeup, one in dressed up attire and one in a social setting. I hate to refer back to the resume analogy but would you state that you increased revenue 10% in Q1, 10% in Q2 etc?

It is with that approach that I aim to guide them into what makes for good online dating profile photos.

The recent explosion in online dating sites and apps has caught many off guard with little to no etiquette to follow.But Julie cautions against overdoing it, saying, "Nix the bathing suit photos, as it's the same as lingerie with a different material.Show just a little cleavage to look flirty."Variety may be the spice of life in the bedroom or on a date.Read: 10 things dating sites won’t tell you The surge in photo-centric, location-based dating apps proves one thing: People are more interested in your pictures than a lengthy essay about your hopes and dreams.For the New Year, this writer has posed for various photos (and used some that should have been deleted shortly after they were taken) to show you what NOT to do when online dating.

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